Saturday, November 13, 2010

After you Install Ubuntu You Should...

1. Update your fresh Ubuntu installation using the Update  Manager

2. Open the  Ubuntu Update Software Center and install the following programs:  Chromium, Gimp, Xiphos Bible Study Guide,  and whatever other software you fancy.

3. Go to the Bisigi Project page and install Bisigi Themes Package.  These are just cooler than the  default Ubuntu Themes.

4. You may also want to install Ubuntu's Restricted Extras if that floats your boat.


FrostyWinnipeg said...

Hi, jamclynne. I'm not a Ubuntu user but I've got a friend with a C610 Dell Lat like the one you have or used to have. Did you have any problems with the LAN mini-pci card working or was it good to go right away with Ubuntu?

jamclynne said...

I had a Dell C810, and it worked OK using ndiswrapper. Check the manufacturer of the particular card, and see if it is compatible.