Saturday, March 10, 2012

MLB and Apple TV get App Fixed for 2012 Season

Well it appears the MLB and Apple TV have got the MLBTV application fixed for the 2012 season.  Now we are able to watch spring training games.  The fix came in just a few days before the Apple TV software version was upgraded to 5.0.0.  Last night, I took in the Yankees spring training game against the Atlanta Braves, and all appears to be working as it should.

As for the update to the new software on the Apple TV, there does not appear to be anything earth shattering to talk about.  They just updated the interface and are using tiled icons to make menu selections.  Their also seem to be more audio adjustments to make, which I have not explored yet.  Otherwise, you get pretty much the same options.

Now if you do decide to splurge on a brand new Apple TV, then you get to upgrade to 1080p HD, and at $99 price point, that comes in as a pretty fair deal.  Waiting for the day when the NFL divorces itself from satellite TV providers and makes its games available via the Internet. If that happens, then I will dump cable altogether.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Apple TV Leaves MLB Subscribers Hanging on 2011 Season

Sure this is a blog about Ubuntu, but I also indulge in watching MLB on my Apple TV. So, you can imagine my chagrin when I turned on my magical little black rectangular box that would have allowed me to watch the first Yankee spring training game yesterday and found that the MLB TV Application on my Apple TV was still stuck on the 2011 season.  Yep, the MLB App was still showing last years World Series game and there is no sign of any spring training games anywhere on the interface.

After searching around the net, I found that this problem is also plaguing some Playstation subscribers to MLB TV.   We all paid for a subscription to MLB to the tune of $124.95 and are getting gyped out of watching MLB spring training games.

The latest word on when the 2012 season will start to be available from MLB is some time in early March.  Well folks, it is early March and spring traning has begun!  Lets get this taken care of!  If you want to stay up to date on discussions about the problem, you can check out this Apple Discusison Thread.

If you see any changes on your Apple TV, please do leave a comment here.   But please, spare me the "Yankees Suck..." comments.  They probably will have a hard time winning the AL East this year anyways...

Now a quick plug on Ubuntu for MLB subscribers.  Yes, you can watch MLB games from your MLB account on Ubuntu and Xubuntu.  However, the HD and DVR options do not work unless you have a Mac or Windows machine.  I was able to watch a MLB game on my Xubuntu 12.04 box without a hitch.