Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 Beta Released

I am on the fence about upgrading to the beta release of Ubuntu 10.04. It is easy enough to try, and it is ooh so tempting.

Simply hit alt-F2 on your keyboard and type: update-manager -d in the pop-up window, and then you are presented with the upgrade option. I have the Update Manager window sitting before me with the magical upgrade button sitting before me this very minute. Ubuntu 9.10 has been running great so far with nary a glitch of hang. The desktop also looks very sweet with Bisigi themes displayed.

Should I press it??


SilverWav said...

You will have to wait until tomorrow, the release has been postponed a day :-O

I was all set to go :-(

From using TestDrive with the daily... it looks great!

First Impressions

You know I think I like it :-)

* Wow purple… well that’s a bold choice :-)

Michael said...

Not Yet, the Beta was postponed, so you would get the 3rd alpha.

Tim said...

Since it was postponed until today (Friday 3/19), I would say no, not until its been released.

But, I'm personally using 10.04 Alpha, and haven't noticed any issues, although my version doesn't have the new user interface yet.