Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kubuntu Loses Funding Support from Canonical

Kubuntu will lose its funding support from Canonical after the 12.04  release according to a recent e-mail to the Kubuntu Developers List .  In the e-mail, John Riddell stated that it was "unrealistic
to expect it to continue to have financial resources put into it" since the Kubuntu desktop has not been a business success for Canonical.

This does not imply that Kubuntu will disappear from the Linux scene.  It will simply slide further on down on the Ubuntu totem pole.  Down with the likes of Xubuntu, not bad company.   It seems that Cannonical just wants to do away with the GNOME vs. KDE desktop war by turning to Unity, a desktop interface that still leaves a lot to be desired.

Unity may work great on Tablets, TVs, and smart phones, but for desktop PCs, it is just not as productive.  Maybe Unity in Precise Pangolin will work better?

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