Friday, November 20, 2009

Default Ubuntu 10.04 Dropping GIMP

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, Lucid Lynx will drop GIMP from the default install to make more room on the ISO. GIMP is one of my favorite applications, and I use it quite often. But for me, Its not a big deal that it is not going to be included in the default install. It will still be available from the software repository, which is an easy mouse click to install. This is one of the things that I like about how Linux distributions are structured. If there is an application you need, you just use whatever software manger that come with the OS, and grab the application that you want.

Most people that I have come across that have used Microsoft's Photoshop think that GIMP is hard to use. For them, the interface is especially confusing. I think there is no question that GIMP is inferior to Photoshop, and this could be one part of the reason as to why it is being dropped. The Windows fan base are usually always quick to point out GIMP as being an example how much of the open software that makes Linux distributions are poorly designed in terms of capabilities and the user interface. So getting rid of GIMP will take it out of the limelight. Hopefully, and better alternative image editor will come along.

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RichSkyline said...

Photoshop is an Adobe product, not Microsoft.

I believe that if you learn GIMP first you will find it to be every bit as capable overall as PS. Then, if you try learning PS next, you'll find the interface awkward and have trouble finding things.

Of course the reverse is also true, and more common, because most people learn PS first, not knowing GIMP even exists.