Thursday, March 4, 2010

An Interesting Blog Post about Linux

I came across an interesting blog post called "Why Linux Still Sucks", and I have to say that on some fronts I agree with what Adrian is saying. Things have not changed much with Linux usage, and desktops in recent years. GNOME is still GNOME, and KDE, well KDE took a step backwards with its 4.0 release. As far as the gaming, OEM support, and hardware issues listed in his post, there is still little support from larger companies catering to the Linux crowd.

Earlier today Ubuntu released some screenshot images of Ubuntu 10.04. The images do not look too bad. Most people do not stay with the default theme anyway because the brown theme that Ubuntu had wall a little too poopy. Maybe users will now keep the default theme. It is starting to look suspiciously like a Mac desktop....