Friday, December 26, 2008

CentOS, Java, and RPM Hell

I was trying to use a Java application within my web browser on a CentOS box I set up, and was a little disappointed to see that the folks over at Redhat still have not figured out how to make the act of simply surfing the Internet with a PC using Linux easy. You still have to go through the process of symbolically linking your java plug in file file with your Firefox browser.

What is the deal with simply including the command lines needed for int installing this plugin? Ubuntu has been doing this for what seems like ages now. Granted, Centos 5 is an older flavor Linux, being an Enterprise OS. But, I did a search and found that in Fedora 10, the latest and greatest offering STILL does not get it right.

It is stuff like this and the problems people have had with rpm installs that are causing Redhat to fall behind Ubuntu in the "user wars" Getting Java to work on browser in a desktop with Ubuntu is as easy as a sinlge click or two.

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