Saturday, December 20, 2008

PC Equals Windows. NOT!

We have all seen them. The Mac vs. PC ads that Apple uses for their main advertising campaign. Apple has poured millions into the ad campaign, and why not? It has been hugely successful for them and the commercials are funny.

The Mac ads mock Microsoft in a fun-loving manner, by pointing out many weaknesses that are inherent with Microsoft products. They also reinforce the idea that there is only one operating system that you can run on a PC, and only one operating system that is able to run on a Mac. They leave it up to the public to decide one or the other. Are you a (Conservative) Republican (Windows) or a (Liberal) Democrat (Mac)?

Ahh, but there is a third party that is on the scene, and that is (Independent?) Ubuntu. It can run on either machine. I think the Linux community should do more to promote the fact that the Mac ads are misleading. Other options are out there that work just as well, if not better than Microsoft or Apple.

Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu has stated that he wants to make Ubuntu as easy to use and seamless as a Mac. This is a hefty order when you consider the variety of devices that Ubuntu and Linux as a whole is tasked to run on. It may not be possible since hardware is always evolving and Linux is always playing catch-up. Apple will always have the advantage since they basically create the hardware around their software, not the other way around.

However, the past year I think there have been great strides in bucking the two party system. I have come across certain PC advertisements in print that are starting to showing Ubuntu PCs along side their Windows brethren. Perhaps there is hope!

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