Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ubuntu Setting Its Sights on College Students?

I has been a little while since I visited the Ubuntu website. Usually, I make a visit or two once or twice a month, but sine Ubuntu 8.10 was released, I have just been having fun using my recycled and old PC to some productive work. Plus, I am thinking that we are still a few months off from the next release.

But today, I did pay a visit to the site, and noticed that they upgraded the number of products that are being offered in the Ubuntu Shop. There a a couple of new bags and newly designed T-shirts, and other items. It looks like to me that these would make for desirable items for college students looking to make a statement on campus.

If a student wants to make a statement about oneself, why carry around an Ipod. Everyone has one!

Could it be that Canonical be looking to make inroads on college campuses just like Apple?

This is where Apple is killing Microsoft and Dell in PC sales. It may be that this is the start for an Ubuntu push onto college campuses.

And why not? I think this is the right move for the Ubuntu folks.

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